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About me
From the time I was a small boy growing up in a country setting in Castro Valley, California, I have had a great love for the outdoors, animals and nature. I've always loved beautiful nature and landscape photographs. I never had much of an interest in taking photos myself during the film days. It was too complicated and expensive. And I was more of a "right now" person (Translated ADHD!). Waiting and paying for a photo to be developed to find out it didn't turn out didn't appeal to me. Then, in the mid 90's digital photography came of age where mere mortals could afford it. Digital photography was made for me. No film and processing costs and I didn't have to wait for my photos to come back from a lab. I was hooked. My first digital camera was an Epson Photo PC. It was only 1/3 megapixel and held only 16 photos, but I loved it. But I needed the ability to take more photos without having to dash back to my computer to download them. So I bought a Canon Powershot S100. It was a great, little camera, which would fit in my pocket (The smallest camera available at that time). It was great for family snapshots and the like, but I wanted to be able to do more artistic and nature photography. Digital SLR's were priced WAY out of my abilities to afford one at that time and Digital P/S cameras didn't have much ability to zoom in close to birds and animals and such. So I sort of put photography on the back burner for a couple years. Then a friend of mine and one of my photography mentors, Paul Milholland, got me interested in photography again. He was strictly a film shooter at the time. It took me awhile, but I eventually sold him on the virtues of digital. He searched and researched cameras and chose a Panasonic FZ-10. This led to me getting a Panasonic FZ10 as well. It's a wonderful P/S camera with a 12X f/2.8 optical zoom lens. I was finally able to take photographs of wildlife!! Since then I have been firmly addicted. Probably more than anything else, photography gave me a reason to get out there into nature again. Raising kids and work and all the other stuff life sends our way sometimes has a way of sidetracking us from some of the other things we really love doing (besides the best life has to offer, our kids and family!). After about a year of shooting and learning with the Panasonic, digital SLR cameras became cheaper and within my reach. I moved up to shooting with my first Digital SLR, a Nikon D70. I've taken well over 40,000 photos with my D70 and still use it, but have since moved up to a Nikon D200 as my main camera. I will photograph anything and and everything I can, but prefer wildlife and landscape photography. I love learning and pushing myself to do better all the time. I love hummingbirds and have fine tuned my techniques to where I get some pretty nice photos of them (IMHO). I maintain this website as well as a lot of photos on my pbase online account and participate in a few online discussion groups started by a very good friend and photo mentor of mine, Vern Rogers.
  I work as an elevator mechanic in the SF Bay Area. Photography is a passion and hobby for me.  I'm very grateful to my wife of 26 years, Cindy for always supporting and encouraging me. She's my biggest fan! I don't make my living from photography at this time. However, If you would like to buy some of my photos, either in digital form or in print, or get permission to use one for some reason (I'm always glad to help out an environmental cause), please contact me. We'll work something out. I hope you enjoy viewing my photos as much as I have enjoyed taking them!!

Steve Thuman